KrampusFest comes to life!

Gruss vom Krampus (Greetings from Krampus).

St. Nicholas on our mantel amongst our KrampusFest decorations.

Vintage chocolate moulds add to the decor.

The sweeter side of Krampus: gingerbread Krampus cookies.

The official drink of KrampusFest 2008.
Krampus thanks you, brewmaster Matt!

Another great brew from Matt for 2009!

Saint Nicholas and Krampus watch
over the festivities.

You work up quite an appetite waiting
for Krampus to arrive.

What to do with a pair of bad children?
Get a large basket and have a KrampusFest "Naughty Child Toss" of course!

Seriously Krampus, we've been good.
Please don't haul us away.

The wicked never learn. In the sack you go! There's no escape from Krampus!

What could be more fun than a good old fashioned
game of "Pin the Tongue on Krampus?"

Krampus takes a beating and seems to like it!

Frodo shows Krampus some puppy love.

KrampusFest: fun for the whole family!

Who me? I'm not naughty. I'm Precious!

Looks like Krampus has recruited a helper.

Time for Krampus to get to work
punishing the naughty.

KrampusFest rocks!

They may look innocent now....

Brav Sein! (Be Good!) Until next year!

Begging for mercy!